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Pinup Pole Show Takes Us Back To The Good Ol’ Days


Mar 28, 2017 News 0 Comments

photo by George Simian

Pole dance experts, Bad Kitty USA, delighted us with their presence recently at Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show and flattered us with this astute review!

I might be biased, but to me pole shows are one of the most entertaining ways to spend your night. There’s so much excitement, athleticism, glittery costumes, hot bodies…. I mean what more could you ask for? Living in LA we are lucky to have access to a nice variety of pole shows and much of the time the style of the shows are sexy, sexy and more sexy. PinUp Pole show gives us a sexy style that takes you right back into the 1950’s and 60’s.

Read the full review Pinup Pole Show review here with photography by George Simian.



Our first tv special – Hollywood Show Live!


Jul 16, 2016 News 0 Comments


That’s right!  It’s our first tv special.  Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show ‘Hollywood Show Live’ Exclusive, originally broadcast on SoCal’s KDOS and LA18.  Now online for those of you not in the Golden State.  Creator/producer, Tonya Kay, explains where the terms pinup and cheesecake come from.  Have your vegan cheesecake and eat it too;  #pinuppoleshow …




Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show video by Sneakthief


Jun 8, 2016 News 0 Comments


Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show is a true vintage production. Styled 1955-1965 throwback, our classic cars, musicians, soundtrack, wardrobe and burlesque acts satisfy the retro enthusiast in our upscale audience.

This video, produced by Sneakthief Media is ye ol’ rusty hinge peephole look at Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show. Enjoy – and bring your classic car, your camera, your crew and your date to our next event

Video featuring #‎pinuppoleshow stars Tonya Kay, Heather Lou, Monica Kay, Candace Cane, Tiffany Rose Mockler

Performing on Platinum Stages poles at The Federal Bar, North Hollywood

Wearing #‎pinup and #‎vintage wardrobe by Red Dolly Swimwear and Iguana Vintage Clothing

Video music”Gotta Roam” by Whitey Gallagher

Pole To Soul online review


May 30, 2016 News 0 Comments


We had the pleasure of entertaining writer, Christine Macdonald, at our Long Beach debut this May.  Her review is so well written, it brings you right to the best seat in the house.  Well worth the read of ever luscious word describing her experience at our show.

Full article at:

Tonya is the epitome of cool without trying to be. A natural performer with a kick ass sense of humor and a body that doesn’t quit (being a trained dancer working professionally for 26 years will do that). She welcomed the audience with open, impressively toned arms (fueled by vegan living) without any vibe of entitlement. Her unique combo of poise and moxie made it clear she owned the room. It was Tonya Kay’s dazzling retro world full of creativity and sex appeal – and we were happy to be living in it.


What filled the space within the 70 minute show was pure magic. Part vaudeville, burlesque and retro fashion that takes you back to old Hollywood glamour…Every number was impeccably styled and choreographed, sprinkled with sex appeal, dipped in pure talent.





Car Show Mag review


May 27, 2016 News 0 Comments


What a delight!  Car Show Mag surprised us and shot an extraordinary photo review of Pinup Pole Show’s May event in North Hollywood.  Check out the full photography set at Car Show Mag.

“Pin up girls, 50’s cars, and live rockabilly music, followed by pole dancers in a retro-burlesque show. That’s the Pinup Pole Show. The car show starts in the afternoon, with pinup models posing for photos with the cars and live rockabilly music by The Centuries. As the sun sets, everyone heads in the Federal Bar for the 70 minute burlesque show headlined by host Tonya Kay and starring bombshell pole dancers & retro-burlesque headliners.

These photos are from their show at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood, CA. “








Shining Reviews!


Apr 27, 2016 News 0 Comments

People and press are saying some pretty great things about us!

“The best show I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”
-Penthouse TV

“…a vintage burlesque production that’s filled to the rim with pinup girls and hot rods … a 1955-1965 themed sexual carnival …”
-The SpeedGirls Magazine

“Superb in every way!  I’ve been to the show 3 times.  First time, I was hooked … and I’m gay!” 
-George B, guest

“This show is the one you take friends, girlfriends and wives to.  It’s audience friendly and just plain fun”
-Yelp reviewer

“Tonya Kay?  Simply amazing.  Both in look and performance, she reminds me of Lucile Ball at her best.  Sharp, witty, funny and engaging, she is like Carol Burnett in pasties.”
-Paul M, guest

“As a first timer, I was blown away.” 
-Shannon W, guest

“Pinup Pole Show is bursting with cute, comical and daringly sexy ladies – all leaving you with a desire to have more.”
-Adam Riley, automotive journalist

“Seriously one of the most entertaining theatrical shows I have seen in a long time.  There are masterful story arcs in each performance and audience participation is urged.  And you’ll want to be involved.  It’s that m much fun” 
-Paul M, guest

“Exciting, provocative, intriguing and not to mention tantalizing.” 
-Tia J, guest

“I’ve been to many pole shows around LA and this one is hands down THE BEST!  Tonya Kay is a visionary and this show is worth every cent.”  
-Christine G, guest

“Tonya and her ladies wowed us. Defying heights and gravity simultaneously on that 16’ competition pole, flirting with their set pieces, and giving us suggestive shadow play, each lucky guest’s senses were in overdrive.”
-Red Hot Retro Magazine


photo by Daniel Sliwa



Girls and Corpses TV features Pinup Pole Show


Apr 18, 2016 News 0 Comments


Watch our women take Corpsy’s smooth talking interview in stride!  Girls and Corpses TV covers Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show in this fantastic segment.

Classic cars, pinup girls, burlesque, rockabiliy band all at Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show. Go behind the scenes and meet dancers: Tonya Kay, Tiffany Rose Mockler, Monica Kay, Candace Cane, Heather Lou. And check out Corpsy’s fully restored 1959 Cadillac ‘Miller Meteor’ Hearse!”  Video also features pinup models Robyn Baker and Blue Britt as well as The Centuries rockabilly band, Platinum Stages competition poles, Kelly Maglia couture, Shane Karns photography and the stunning cars of many owners, mechanics, builders and enthusiasts.


Red Hot Retro knows what’s up


Apr 9, 2016 News 0 Comments

We had the pleasure of hosting the experts of all things retro, Red Hot Retro magazine, at our last show.   It goes without saying, they understood our obsession with classics and vintage entirely.



Tonya Kay has been in the burlesque business for close to 10 years now. She knows how to shimmy. She knows how to shine brighter than rhinestones on the costumes she designed herself, and found others to join her in that vibrant spotlight. She took her love for theater while in Chicago, her drive acting in America’s toughest city, New York, and whipped it all into her sheer focus to create, produced, and direct the Pinup Pole Show.

Tonya and her whole team are broads with gumption.

Each show is fronted by a classic car show that can’t be missed. At last Saturday’s performance, The Centuries played an acoustic set amongst the handsome collection of hot rods that rolled and parked into The Federal Bar’s perfectly open and spacious lot (a rare find in Los Angeles) and what makes them a great location for Tonya’s show.

Inside, on the top level of North Hollywood’s The Federal bar, the curtains were drawn and music cracked into the room – electrifying the audience to attention. Tonya and her ladies wowed us. Defying heights and gravity simultaneously on that competitors’ 16-foot-pole, flirting with their set pieces, and giving us suggestive shadow play, each lucky guest’s senses were in overdrive.

Read the full article here:

2016.03.26.PinupPoleShow_RedCarpet_DanielSliwa - 31

Tonya Kay on Pole Parlour Podcast


Mar 11, 2016 News 0 Comments


On this episode of Pole Parlour Podcast, we have Tonya Kay. Tonya is a dancer/actress/artist/business woman who discovered pole dance through her immersion in the world of experimental performance art. Tonya speaks with us about the magic of live performance, and shares her inspiration and experience with producing and starring in the Pinup Pole Show, which is full-scale production in Southern California featuring classic cars, retro burlesque, and pole dancers.  Reserve your tickets to the next Pinup Pole Show!