Classic cars, pinup girls, retro-burlesque and pole champions! A 1955-1965 styled company of cheeky, kustom kulture women and the hot rods they love.

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Pole Parlour Interviews Candace Cane


Feb 16, 2016 News 0 Comments
Vintage Space Theme Car and Pole Shoot

Photo by John Sluder

Such a Libra! The brilliant Pinup Pole Show star, Candace Cane, on creative freedom on the #pinuppoleshow stage in this Pole Parlour interview. Check out the full episode here.


Such a Libra! The brilliant Pinup Pole Show star Candace Cane on creative freedom on our stage in this Pole Parlour interview. Check out the full episode here.


Pinup Beauty Tonya Kay hosts nostalgic fashion show


Jan 21, 2016 News 0 Comments

Featured cheesecake of #pinuppoleshow, Tonya Kay’s steamy new pinup photoshoot in U&C Magazine in an article covering her love of classic cars and vintage styling and how that lead to creating Pinup Pole Show!

Full Tonya Kay and Classic Cars article here.



There’s nothing sexier than the era of the 50’s and 60’s. Here at U&C, we respect that. We embrace that, so obviously none other than Tonya Kay and her Pin-Up Burlesque Show would peak out interest. Let’s start with Tonya Kay, woman behind the magic.

A career actress, burlesque headliner and host , otherwise known as The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood, Tonya Kay always knew she was destined for greatness. With a love of classic cars (very specifically noted All things Buick!), Tonya decided to combine this with all things burlesque in order to create an intoxicating show. It started about three years ago; Tonya Kay started pole dancing and fell absolutely in love with how athletically difficult and exotic it was. She dove like a mad-man into her own project: Pinup Pole Show. In the midst of all the brainstorming, Tonya decided to design the show to be everything she loved in one place. It’s theatrical, story-based act creation, a cheeky tease and classic show! As the performer herself says,

“The pinup heyday reminds me to laugh and feel light…”
That’s exactly what the show lined up will do for every paying customer. The evening begins with a classic car cruise-in (the first and only in North Hollywood), moves inside to the theatre for pinup photo shoots, pinup art gallery, nostalgia burlesque headliners, the highest independently produced production-value in Los Angeles, and followed by a rockin’ vintage sound track! So when you get a chance, catch the newest show opening in Long Beach this March! You wouldn’t want to miss the sensational finale, Four girls/One pole!
Also, check out the itinerary always being updated!  More cars, more pinups, more burlesque, more poles!  They will continue to put out amazing online content including videos and pinup photo shoots and Plus as we all love cars so much, there will be work with classics more and more. Look forward to a new tv/film project in 2016 as well!

By Elise Gray

The 60s Here and Back!


Dec 9, 2015 News 0 Comments

Amazing interview with Pinup Pole Show creator and featured cheesecake on how she got into cars and created a world surrounding it in Los Angeles

“The lights dim. The stage is set. A crowded dark room is blanketed by a subtle hush.  Notes from a saxophone fill the air while a single spotlight shines an empty area on the stage. Out of the shadow, a subtle flick of a long slender leg and black heel dip into the light. Then another. Two flicks of a kick, and the rhythmic back beat drops in. A tall sexy blonde appears. Her body lightly covered in cabaret. She reaches out to caress a golden brass pole. With motion and sass, she teases the crowd, rhythmically circling, sexually flaunting. She — along with the other burlesque dancers are ready to start the show.

This is Tonya Kay, a Hollywood actress, owner — and one of the many show girls in “Tonya Kay’s Pin-Up Pole Show,” a vintage burlesque production that’s filled to the rim with pin-up girls and hot rods. So being that Tonya began this 1955-1965 themed sexual carnival, there’s no question if she’s a gear head. In fact, Tonya holsters serious wrenching skills with a ton of cool projects under her belt.”

Full interview at








Review by TheSpeedGirls


Aug 25, 2015 News 0 Comments

“Upon arrival, an array of classic cars glistened while more rolled in, to continue filling the parking lot, including an extremely clean1956 Chevy 210 sedan.” And that’s just the start.

TheSpeedGirls review Pinup Pole Show’s 8/1/15 classic car cruise-in and retro-burlesque/pinup super club show: “One after another, they dazzled the crowd in the art of burlesque. Every time one could think, “Wow. That was the best performance . . .” the next one was just as good. Overall, Tonya Kay’s “Pinup Pole Show” is bursting with cute, comical and daringly sexy ladies — all leaving you with a desire to have more.”

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Review by Red Dolly Swimwear


Feb 26, 2015 News 0 Comments

It was an honor to host the owner and creator of Red Dolly Swimwear at our first show of 2015.  Red Dolly Swimwear is the local designer of our finale’s polkadot swimwear and silver and pink shimmer swimwear – all perfectly pinup and made in the USA.  Red Dolly posted our show’s first review ever on her blog and she said such wonderful things, I wanted to repost it here.  You can read her other blog posts and shop for your own pinup swimwear at


 I had the pleasure of being asked to make swimsuits for the first Pinup Pole show last year. Couldn’t make it to the first show, but was able to go to the January 24th show at the Federal bar in noho (North Hollywood)! For those of you who know me, you know I am pretty conservative, so I was a little unsure of how I’d like the show, and if I would be comfortable with my husband watching  But I wanted to support the girls and see them rock their Red Dolly Suits in person, So Me and the Hubs made a Date night out of it. <3

Miss Tonya Kay is such a great entertainer. She just has that spark. The show started with Four of the girls coming out in their retro dresses and dancing. Then Tonya had a flirty little number with this vintage camera.

Not all of the numbers include pole dancing. I thought this remake of the “I love Lucy” skit was Hilarious.

 This beauty Pageant number included two of the girls wearing their custom Red Dolly Sparkly dresses with silver bikinis under. The girls are so strong. its crazy to see what they can do on those poles!

The show is very interactive. Tonya and the girls talk to the audience between some of the set changes, and keep things lively. I even got to be a little part of the show. That’s me (far left), with two of the other girls who were voted best dressed Pinups. so fun!

The all pink bedroom scene with Tara Phillips was my favorite. She was dancing and waiting by the phone as “Wishing, Hoping, and praying” by Dusty Springfield played.

The Finale number included all the girls dancing their Red Dolly High waist bikinis. And yes, they all got on the 16 ft pole at once.. pretty amazing.  So no I did not regret taking my Husband to the show.. We had a great time. The show was fun, flirty and not sleezy in the least bit! Check out the Pinup pole show website for show dates!

All photos taken by: Marti Matulis