Classic cars, pinup girls, retro-burlesque and pole champions! A 1955-1965 styled company of cheeky, kustom kulture women and the hot rods they love.

The 60s Here and Back!


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Amazing interview with Pinup Pole Show creator and featured cheesecake on how she got into cars and created a world surrounding it in Los Angeles

“The lights dim. The stage is set. A crowded dark room is blanketed by a subtle hush.  Notes from a saxophone fill the air while a single spotlight shines an empty area on the stage. Out of the shadow, a subtle flick of a long slender leg and black heel dip into the light. Then another. Two flicks of a kick, and the rhythmic back beat drops in. A tall sexy blonde appears. Her body lightly covered in cabaret. She reaches out to caress a golden brass pole. With motion and sass, she teases the crowd, rhythmically circling, sexually flaunting. She — along with the other burlesque dancers are ready to start the show.

This is Tonya Kay, a Hollywood actress, owner — and one of the many show girls in “Tonya Kay’s Pin-Up Pole Show,” a vintage burlesque production that’s filled to the rim with pin-up girls and hot rods. So being that Tonya began this 1955-1965 themed sexual carnival, there’s no question if she’s a gear head. In fact, Tonya holsters serious wrenching skills with a ton of cool projects under her belt.”

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