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Pinup Models Aug 27th North Hollywood


Aug 17, 2016 News 0 Comments

Bring your camera, because we have a line up for renowned pinup models appearing at the Aug 27th Pinup Pole Show classic car cruise-in.  Please welcome the one and only Sizzling Sweet Pea, Pinup Sunshine and Sierra Scott Shifts.  The most photogenic show in Los Angeles!  TIX and classic car registration








Pole dance music video stars!


Sep 14, 2015 News 1 Comment
photo by Scott Gutentag

photo by Scott Gutentag

The new Scuzz Twittly music video stars Pinup Pole Show pole dancers!  This has a really neat story to it – Trent Ward (aka: Scuzz Twittly) came to see our live show in June and was INSPIRED to put it lightly!  He contacts me and says he’d like to use my performers in his next music video.  I didn’t know he hadn’t written the song yet!  But within a week, he’s emailing me lyrics – the creative start to what is now “Workin’ The Pole”.  Just by reading the lyrics I could tell this new song was ALL ABOUT POLE DANCE.  Well, fantastic!  Within a month, he’s recorded the track – it’s great!  Sexy, country, pushing the limits, but never crossing the line.  Well done!  Next thing you know, the Pinup Pole Show women are on set.  Monica Kay, Candace Cane and myself, Tonya Kay, worked the pole on a hilariously enjoyable set and we just love the way the director and editor featured our strengths.  Don’t you?!?


photo by Scott Gutentag

photo by Scott Gutentag


Kate Bera special guest


Nov 3, 2014 News 0 Comments


At this Saturday’s debut, we have a very special guest pole performer, Paragon International Pole Competition Champion, Kate Bera!  Say hi to Kate in the cruise-in lot 6pm where she will be pinup modeling with the cars and buy your ticket to Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show now to see her title-winning pole duet performed live!

Celebrity Guest Angelyne announced


Oct 23, 2014 News 0 Comments


Guess what celebrity guest will attend Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show?  The original Hollywood pinup and custom car icon, Angelyne!  You’ve seen her billboards all over town, you’ve snapped pics of her pink custom car roaring down the 101 – she’s a living doll, a local celebrity and we couldn’t  be more delighted to announce Angelyne and her Stingray Corvette’s presence at our Nov 8th debut!