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Red Hot Retro knows what’s up


Apr 9, 2016 News 0 Comments

We had the pleasure of hosting the experts of all things retro, Red Hot Retro magazine, at our last show.   It goes without saying, they understood our obsession with classics and vintage entirely.



Tonya Kay has been in the burlesque business for close to 10 years now. She knows how to shimmy. She knows how to shine brighter than rhinestones on the costumes she designed herself, and found others to join her in that vibrant spotlight. She took her love for theater while in Chicago, her drive acting in America’s toughest city, New York, and whipped it all into her sheer focus to create, produced, and direct the Pinup Pole Show.

Tonya and her whole team are broads with gumption.

Each show is fronted by a classic car show that can’t be missed. At last Saturday’s performance, The Centuries played an acoustic set amongst the handsome collection of hot rods that rolled and parked into The Federal Bar’s perfectly open and spacious lot (a rare find in Los Angeles) and what makes them a great location for Tonya’s show.

Inside, on the top level of North Hollywood’s The Federal bar, the curtains were drawn and music cracked into the room – electrifying the audience to attention. Tonya and her ladies wowed us. Defying heights and gravity simultaneously on that competitors’ 16-foot-pole, flirting with their set pieces, and giving us suggestive shadow play, each lucky guest’s senses were in overdrive.

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