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16′ pole


Oct 17, 2014 News 0 Comments

It’s exhilarating even to climb – we can’t wait to perform with it!

16' Platinum Stages pole at Tonya Kay's Pinup Pole Show

If I could impress upon you how rare a 16′ competition height pole is to work on… well let me try!  Most pole showcases work on tiny 9′ poles because venue ceilings are too small and let’s face it – poles are expensive.  But that’s like putting a silk aerialist in a closet – sure, they can do their work if they are a professional, but it’s just not that impressive (or fun).

I knew to have a noteworthy, popular pole show, our performers would have to be able to show off their champion skills properly.  This pole was vital. Thanks to Platinum Stages and The Federal, it is a reality!

Platinum Stages sponsored our 16′ competition height pole, knowing we are going to make excellent use of it.  The Federal approved our installation, which is no small feat – I am told by the venue’s production manager that they wouldn’t even let him drill a hole in the brick walls to hang a picture at one time.  So installing a truss in the rafters was a huge honor.  We hired Cirque du Soleil artist – now professional aerial rigger, Choby Gyorgy, to install our equipment safely.  And now, just look at it.  Waiting for lights, sound, costumes, energy and emotion!

We’ll have one 8’8 Platinum Stages pole on stage as well as this 16′ Platinum Stages pole in center house for Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show premiere Nov 8th.

This pole installation is just one of the costs going in to brining our live show to stage properly.  And we couldn’t do it without you!  Thank you for your support.  We’ve still got a ways to go, so please share our campaign directly with supporters you know.  We are going to bring it to life together!


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