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Fit and Bendy Announced


Jul 17, 2015 News 0 Comments

Wanna be able to touch your ankles to your ears?  Would you settle for just touching your toes?  Flexibility is the foundation of elegant movement and pain-free posture.  Thank goodness Fit and Bendy flexibility training for adults comes to the rescue at Pinup Pole Show August 1st!  Ladies, wear your Best Vintage Dress and get dolled up to win a 2 pack prize from Fit and Bendy’s Kristina Nekyia, the nation’s – no, the world’s – official contortion and flexibility trainer.  Your pinup look can really bring your public persona and private lives alive with more flexibility!



Fit & Bendy teaches active, resistance, and assisted stretching to break through fascial and neuromuscular blocks and build joint strength for flexibility you can use.  Your muscles will become longer and stronger, enabling a higher level of performance in everything you do.

Students from beginner to advanced who have benefited from this training include: Circus performers Dancers / Pole Athletes / Martial Artists / Gymnasts / Yogis  / Fitness Competitors  / Cheerleaders



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