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Building Set and Props


Oct 28, 2014 News 0 Comments

I went out of state for performances with The Lalas this weekend and came back to my living room turned into a construction workshop!  Sure, I can’t sit down and enjoy a movie on the tv now, but honestly, who has time to do that anyway – I’m working 25 hours/day to see Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show dream come true.

I have to say, when I saw the craftsmanship and materials of these set pieces, the show blossomed to life before my very eyes.  The magical hands of designer/builder Teddy Yonenaka are creating a set that will set this show apart.  You see here:  a performance riser for our contortionist, Brynn Route.  You see a giant changing screen for my grand finale solo.  You don’t see the start of a jukebox, but it’s also in my living room – it will really light up on queue!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Teddy Yonenaka, for your devotion, vision and hard work!




I’m no contortionist, but cast member Brynn Route is.  Imagine her working on this and not me, okay?

So, these materials are solid and sturdy and will last the lifetime of the show.  But they are more expensive than I had originally budgeted.  If you can contribute an additional Go For The Gold set building $10 to our IndieGoGo fund, even that would help!  I can’t wait to send my next update to you!


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