Classic cars, pinup girls, retro-burlesque and pole champions! A 1955-1965 styled company of cheeky, kustom kulture women and the hot rods they love.

Frustration Becomes Art


Oct 11, 2014 News 2 Comments

 Support our classic car, dangerous dame and pinup pole show vision at IndieGoGo – PLEEEEEESE!

Classic cars, pole dance and pinup styling – everything I love in one live event!

You all know I’ve been a career performer for the past 25 years.  And I do it all.  About three years ago I started pole dancing and fell in love!  It’s ATHLETICALLY DIFFICULT, it’s BREATHTAKING, it’s EXOTIC.  So I pitched it for performance, as I do with any skill I learn anew and I ended up being really frustrated placing it.  Venues and clients didn’t seem to value it as they do other aerial arts, circus arts, burlesque or dance.  Pole was next to impossible to get a professional rate for, even though it’s one of the most difficult skill sets I practice!  So I decided to produce a live show myself.  Where I can give pole dancers the stage, as they deserve, with a ticket-purchasing audience in a classy venue.

But of course I can’t stop at a show – this must be an EVENT!  Something unique which – you guessed it – combines everything I love.  So the evening starts with a FREE classic car cruise-in, moves inside for pinup photo shoots, vintage styling and nostalgia films and culminates in a sassy, hilarious, spectacular pole show with burlesque sensibilities!

Platinum Stages has sponsored a 16′ competition height pole installed at The Federal Bar, NoHo.  We are raising funds to cover pre-production costs like prop building, costumes, marketing and rehearsal space now.  Please support our  vision and check out what we’re up to at IndieGoGo.  And purchase tickets to our Nov 8th debut to see for yourself what all the vintage fun is!





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